December 2017 Newsletter

Academic Updates:

December being the last month of the second term, the focus across all classes was on revising the concepts that were taught this term. Assessment was conducted for student evaluation where the goals Vs actuals were measured.

Parent meetings were conducted for three days where their ward’s progress review report was shared and the progress, observances, areas of challenge and scope for improvement were discussed by special educators, therapists and the head of departments with the parents.

Overall, parents expressed their happiness and satisfaction in their wards progress.

Activities for Students:

This month, we had the very talented Ms. Priti Sudarsan enthrall our primary students with an hour long story telling session. Story telling is a very powerful tool in improving the listening and communicating skills for students. It is very therapeutic and brings down the hyperactive behavior in the students.

Spreading the cheer of the holidays, V-Excel music group headed by Ms. Puja Bhalla conducted Christmas carols in Swabodhini. Our students participated with great enthusiasm and the school donned a festive air with singing and dancing and clapping. They also had a wonderful chance to interact with fellow students from V-Excel.

Workshop for parents:

As a part of the “Keep In Touch” initiative, Swabodhini organizes workshops and camps for parents, where we invite an expert to talk about relevant topic, focusing on giving insights on how to handle their wards better at home.

This month, we invited Mr. P. R. Krishnamurthy, to talk on “Understanding behavioural challenges and handling the same (including adolescents)”. Mr. Krishnamurthy, who is an M.Phil in rehabilitation psychology, works as a Rehabilitation Psychologist & Behavioural Specialist at National Institute of Employment of Person with Multiple Disability (NIEPMD), Chennai.

The program was very well received by the parents, where Mr. Krishnamurthy explained in simple and effective manner on how to identify what triggers behavior issues in students with autism and the various methods to handle the behavior issues.

The session was very interactive where parents got many of their doubts clarified by the expert.

Workshop for Staff:

Swabodhini’s head of PR and marketing Ms. Aruna VN successfully completed her certification course in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This was a four day course conducted by MCCI (Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industries). Attended by NGOS and corporates, this course focused on the corporate CSR policy, companies act for CSR, the compliance requirements from NGO, drafting of proposal and reports etc.

Cultural Events:

Six of our students participated in the cultural program organized by Department of Disability and Rehabilitation Office (DDRO) at the Opportunity School in Vepery. Our students gave a fabulous dance performance about the 5 types of land as per Tamil Culture –Farmland, coastal land, hilly terrain, forest and desert land.

Fund raising & outreach:

The Wipro Chennai Marathon (TWCM), the biggest running event in Chennai is a great platform where many runners run for a cause, supporting a charity of their choice. Swabodhini has been a regular charity partner at TWCM, in association with United Way Chennai.

We had runners who had registered to support Swabodhini and we had a cheering squad from the school at the finish line to cheer the runners. Our Director, Mrs. Anuradha Mahesh also participated in the run and successfully ran 10Kms.

A big thanks to all those who ran for the cause of autism and special education.

Swabodhini participated in the Redington REACH Carnival at their office premises in Guindy. Redington had invited NGOs that are supported by their CSR foundation to set up stalls and display products and also disseminate information about the work being done by the NGOs. Swabodhini was also a part of this stall and had a wonderful opportunity to interact with the employees of Redington.

Celebrations at school:

Christmas celebrations were done in a grand scale at Swabodhini. Our students dressed up as characters from bible and enacted the nativity scene. Students and staff sang Christmas carols, did a small skit based on the life of Christ, decorated the Christmas Tree and ended the term on a lovely positive note.


Mr. Karthik Nagarajan has generously donated a second hand Santro car for the use of school. We use this vehicle for Swayam Shop and other transport requirement at school.

Ms. Radhika Om Prakash Wakharkar , our sponsor for one of the underpriviledged children, celebrated her birthday by donating money for purchase of fitness equipment such as hurdles, resistance bands, pully, toning band, hand ball etc, which are being used in the sports therapy sessions.

Awards and Recognition:

Swabodhini was awarded the Chennai NGO Leadership Award under the Dewang Mehta National Education Awards by Dr. R.L Bhatia –Chief Editor and Founder of World CSR Day. The award was given to recognize leaders who have contributed value & made a change as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. The ceremony was help at Taj Club house, Chennai and was attended by dignitaries from corporate and CSR field.