Apr-May 2018 Newsletter

Academic Updates:

The school re-opened for the new academic year 2018-19 on 04 June 2018.

With the lesson plans well chalked out and a holistic development plan in place for each child, classes are progressing as per schedule.

We are open for admissions at ‘The Swabodhini Vocational Centre for Special Children’ (Recognized by the Govt of Tamil Nadu), for vocational skills training. Eligible students are provided internship / placement opportunities on completion of the 18 months course.

Autism Awareness Month:

2 April is World Autism Awareness Day and the whole month is celebrated as autism awareness month. The following two activities were conducted by us to celebrate autism awareness and inclusion.

New Center at Guru Nanak College - fully operational from July 1st:

A free assessment camp at Guru Nanak College kick started our events for the month. Assessments for OT, speech, IQ and special education were conducted in the college campus by a qualified therapist and psychologists.

Student outing at Utopia World

Utopia World is a family entertainment centre at Abhiramapuram. Our Primary children accompanied by the staff and helpers visited Utopia World on 10 April 2018. The children played to their hearts content and also watched a cartoon show at their mini theatre. The fun filled day ended with lunch and bidding goodbyes.

Student Progress Review 2017-18:

Our parents had the opportunity to interact with our staff and the Director over the course of one whole week in the month of April 2018, to discuss the progress of the children. Detailed discussions were held with the parents and the development of the child through the year were shared with them. Parents were happy with the progress of their wards and were especially pleased with the education and training program at Swabodhini, which focuses in all round student development. Please find below a few images of the feedback written by the parents.

Summer Fitness Camp:

The summer Fitness camp was conducted between 16 April 2018 and 15 May 2018 at our Tiruvanmiyur and Velachery centres for children over the age of 10 years with autism and related special needs. This camp ensured that the children received focused functional fitness training the fun way by a certified coach. This activity received media coverage in the Times of India.

Staff Activities:

Team building training program and annual staff lunch

We could not have achieved all we had planned without the effort and dedication of our dear staff. In appreciation of the job well done, the staff attended a Team building training program which was followed by a sumptuous lunch at Mary’s Hotel to commemorate the successful completion of academic year 2017-18.

The training program was conducted by our dear Mr Srivatsan, who through fun activities, delivered the importance of listening and effective communication, self- evaluation and team work. The way forward for Swabodhini was also shared. Post the training, staff had a sumptuous lunch.

Train the Trainer Workshop @ Swabodhini

On the 23rd of April, Ms. Lakshmi Satish from Mirra Charitable trust anchored a workshop for the staff of Swabodhini (Primary, Prevocational and Vocational). The aim of the workshop was to reflect on the past year, goals accomplished, issues faced, discuss feedback received from parents during PRR (Progress Review Report) review meetings. A concrete set of action items for the next year was the take away from this meeting.