June 2018 Newsletter

Dear All

I am pleased to welcome you to the month’s edition of our newsletter.

“Inclusion” seems to be a catchword which is being used frequently in recent times.

Including people with disabilities means that the students along with their parents receive the same opportunities to learn and participate like other families.

Swabodhini has joined hands with Guru Nanak Education Society to sow the seeds of inclusion by starting a center within the Guru Nanak College campus at Velachery. Our students share space alongside the college going youngsters in this prestigious institution.

In the spirit of inclusion, our students completed their internship in the house-keeping department at Savera hotel. All this and more is what opportunities at sharing the same platform we wish for our students.

Thank you for standing with us in this cause. Only Together can we do great things!

You can now support us through the online crowd funding platform - LetzChange! Click here to access Swabodhini’s fund raising page.

Here’s a round-up of our activities for June 2018 for you.

Academic Updates:

The school re-opened for the new academic year 2018-19 on 04 June 2018.

Clubbing together!

A recent addition to the curriculum at school has been the introduction of 6 clubs across all student groups viz. Art and craft, Theatre, Dance, Indoor sports, Outdoor sports and Gardening.

Our students love to unleash their creative side and have taken to the art classes to give expression to their thoughts. They painted to their hearts content and enjoyed the much needed break from their regular activities. Take a look at their creations below.

Dance classes are always a hit and it was no different with our students who had fun at the dance club under the guidance of our new dance master Mr Azhar. They keenly watched the dance master and matched his moves. Dance therapy is a healing approach as it improves physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Exposure to nature improves general health, and play is critical for child development. The students are encouraged to play indoor games at the school as well as they are taken to the nearby park to play.

Daily tracker

Another new introduction from this academic year is the Diary tracker which monitors the activity on a daily basis of each child. The day is divided into 2 sections where the parent documents behavior at home, tasks done, nutrition given and any other specific remarks and on the other section, the teacher makes an entry wrt. the behavior, communication and learning done at school.

Vocational Update - Internship

We are immensely pleased to share and congratulate two of our vocational students Mstr Hari Kumaresh and Mstr Venkatesan for completing their 3 month internship in house-keeping at Savera hotel. The interns received a certificate as well as much appreciation from the management team at the Hotel.

Outreach programmes:-

International Yoga Day:

We at Swabodhini celebrated International Yoga Day and what better way than see three of our students lead a yoga demonstration for a group of executives of M/s Cholamandalam.

Aditya Prakash, Ashwin Ananth and Kannan represented the Swabodhini team at the “Know My Ability” workshops conducted by United Way Chennai. During a 30 minute session, they taught the employees simple yoga techniques.

This initiative received media coverage in The Times of India.

Aditya Prakash, Ashwin Ananth and Kannan represented the Swabodhini team yet again on 29 June as part of the “Know My Ability” workshops conducted by United Way Chennai. During a 30 minute session, they taught the employees of M/s Ingersoll Rand simple yoga techniques. A short autism sensitization presentation was also made by us on that day. The presentation as well as the yoga demonstration was well received by the staff who attended the session.


Musical treat:

“Payanangal mudivathillai” was a magical evening of music from the yester years; held at the Museum Theatre Egmore. The show for the cause of autism was sponsored by Mr Rajaram and Mr Sriraman . The program was conducted by Ms Jaya Rajagopalan a well-known singer along with her son Mr Sharath Rajagopalan and a choir of talented amateur singers. Part of the proceeds from the show have been donated to us for the education of our students. We are thankful to the gentlemen duo for this kind gesture.

Programs at School:-

Parent orientation:

An orientation session for our parents was conducted on 23 June at the school. The parents were briefed on the new initiatives planned at school for the year.


There is always a reason to celebrate at Swabodhini and its party time when it comes to celebrating the birthdays of our students and staff at the school. This was held as part of the “Every month Friday celebration “with a cake cutting and snacks.

To commemorate the start of Swabodhini’s 30th academic year, our longtime supporter from Singapore Mr. Sunder Chanrai & Mrs. Pramila S Chanrai family sponsored snacks and refreshments for all the students and staff of Swabodhini. Mr. Durai from Tulsi Trust graced the occasion and participated in the celebrations. We are thankful to them for their sustained support and generosity.