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Everyone without exception who visits our school leaves us with the following question.

"How can I help?"

Thought: You can help by your very thought that propels you to visit our children and understand their uniqueness and requirements.

Word: You can help by way of suggestions to improve what we do. And by spreading goodwill by word of mouth in order that more people come forward to help.

Deed: You can do many things for the school and the students. Anything that suits your pocket, preference, time and style...

Recurring Expenses

Donate Today and Make a Difference

Every child deserves the right to live a happy, dignified and healthy life. Children with special needs need your generous contributions and donations to help them pursue a life of self-sufficiency. To educate them with basic life skills, know- how and ability to survive independently, Swabodhini School for Children with Special Needs’ goal is to provide these children with the means to achieve those ends. Swabodhini has enrolled but a few and wishes to reach out to every child, born in privileged or under-privileged families, so that they can make a difference. Donate today and make a difference.

Exemption Under 80G of Income Tax Act

All cash contributions donated to the Swabodhini Charitable Trust are exempt under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Contributions from Foreign Entities

We accept cash donations from Philanthropists and Benefactors from Other Countries around the Globe. Come share in our endeavor to give these children in need a better tomorrow.